2015.03.24 -
Updated menu and Projects section

2015.03.25 -
Modified and migrated db schema

2015.03.28 -
Upgraded development and production systems

2015.03.30 -
R&D on project proposal

2015.04.16 -
Security Audits

2015.05.02 -
Updated literature and menu headings


2015.04.24 -

These Futurist candidates are all about looking ahead rather than behind

2015.06.01 -

For those who are familiar with the highly intricate system of systems nature of software, the answer is clear; it's the software that poses the greatest risk.

2015.07.30 -

To the cops, Jamar was just another low-level drug pusher...

2015.10.03 -

DHS admitted that the personal information stored in these chips could be read from a distance of up to 30 feet.

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